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The dream of living in a community is shared by many tiny house enthusiasts. Some of us want easy access to public transportation and urban activities; others want a country life with shared gardens and farm animals. Finding kindred spirits with whom to live can be challenging, but once you've establish those connections, you may find the ideas below helpful.

If you have already begun to form a community and it isn't listed on the places page, please contact us to have it added.

Points to Ponder and Decisions to be Made

Starting a tiny house community is not easy. If it were, there already would be many set up, since there's lots of enthusiasm for them. But it takes considerable time, money, and skillful navigation through zoning and building code regulations. Here are some things to consider and references for more research.

  1. Will the community have tiny houses on foundations or on wheels or both? If only tiny houses on wheels, you may be able to build or buy an RV park. Be sure to look into length of stay restrictions in your area.
  2. What are the zoning regulations? You might need to create a Planned Unit Development or a pocket neighborhood and provide your county with extensive detail on the types and density of homes as well as the infrastructure (roads, common buildings, etc.) of your tiny community. Expect these plans to be thoroughly reviewed before you can begin to build.
  3. Who will own the land?
  4. How will decisions be made regarding community rules and expectations?
  5. How will you fund the purchase and ongoing expenses (maintenance and improvements)?

Helpful Books

  • Creating a Life Together: practical tools to grow ecovillages and intentional communities. Not specific to tiny houses, but a great reference for starting a community.
  • Pocket Neighborhoods: creating small scale community in a large scale world. Geared toward small (rather than tiny) homes, but the community concepts are still applicable.
  • Tent City Urbanism, a reference and guide on creating tiny house villages for folks in need.

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Creating a Life Together

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