Podcast – Heating with a Pellet Stove, Getting Outdoors, and Learning to Build with Sierra Martin

Sierra Martin decided to skip the expensive rent in Burlington, Vermont and instead built herself a tiny house on wheels. When she started, she had no building skills. Her beautiful home is heated with a pellet stove and features bright, beautiful wood walls and floors. Oh, and Sierra keeps 3 of her 4 bicycles inside!

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In This Episode:

  • Sierra built her own tiny house, even though she had no experience.
  • Why did Sierra decide to build her tiny house?
  • Which is more expensive: rent or a tiny house?
  • Heating with a pellet stove (and what a pellet stove is!)
  • Legal issues Sierra encountered when deciding where she would build her tiny house.
  • How did Sierra balance school and building her tiny house?
  • Building the tiny house helped Sierra confront her shyness and empower others.

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