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If you're looking for tiny house parking, searching for a community, or want to try out a tiny house for a few nights, then you've come to the right place. Below are links to short-term and permanent tiny house sites. If you know of a place that isn't listed, please contact us to have it added.

If you're interested in starting a community, rather than joining one, please go to the Start a Community page.

Note: In most areas, it's against zoning regulations to live in a tiny house on its own land, either because camping on one's own land isn't permitted or because one can't have a tiny house without also having an approved primary (larger) dwelling on the property. Most readily available spots for living in a tiny home are in the backyard of larger home, in an RV park, or in an existing community or eco-village. See the lists below.

Need more details on zoning or how to find a place to park in your local area? Please see FAQ, where to live.

Tiny House Parking

Looking for a place to park your tiny house? Or do you have land to rent or a community to share? Check out the maps!
Complete the form for parking wanted or parking offered to add your listing - it's free. The maps are updated nightly.

Below are towns & counties that allow living in a tiny house on wheels (either in a backyard or on your own land).    For building a tiny house on a foundation, please see the Zoning page.

  • California: Several counties in California allow a tiny house on wheels in a backyard if it is a caregiver cottage.
  • Fresno, CA allows a tiny house on wheels in a backyard without requiring it to be a caregiver cottage.
  • Kentucky: Pulaksi county allows a tiny house on wheels on your own land.
  • Maine: North Yarmouth and Richmond allow a tiny house on wheels on your own land.
  • Massachusetts: Nantucket voters approved tiny houses on wheels on private property. Tiny houses must conform to building code, except that they may be on trailers. The article is waiting for review by the Attorney General.
  • Oklahoma: UNincorporated areas of Logan County allow a tiny house on wheels on your own land.
  • South Carolina: Aiken County allows tiny houses on wheels on their own land. The lot must be at least 2 acres and 50 feet from a public road.
  • Texas: Spur, TX allows tiny houses on wheels on their own land outside city limits.

Communities, USA

Searching for a specific location? Find communities on the map map of communities and tiny house parking .
  1. Arizona: LuxTiny Community in Pinetop-Lakeside is on 6 acres not far from Scott’s Reservoir, Rainbow Lake and Show Low Lake. There will be 45 spaces for rent for $329-$359 per month.
  2. California: The Lavra is an international community in rural California, between San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande, that participates in farming activities. Monthly rent is $450.
  3. California: Lemon Cove Village in northern CA is a tiny house community that had transitioned from an RV park. Lot rent: $450 to $595 per month, including the common area fee.
  4. California: Ingenium Expressive Arts Village is a residential property in Nevada City that will house six expressive artists and their families. Homes will be small (450 and 800 square feet) rather than tiny. Anticipated opening in the fall of 2017.
  5. Colorado: Sprout Tiny Homes is developing communities in Walsenburg and Salida.
  6. Colorado: Whispering Aspen Village in Fairplay is the start of a tiny house village sponsored by tiny house RV manufacturers. Lots cost $29,900 to $39,900. Contact Brandy Brown at 719-373-9864.
  7. DC: Boneyard Studios was a tiny house showcase from 2012 to mid 2014. Currently, only one tiny house is located at the original site and is operating under the name Micro Showcase. Two of the tiny houses have retained the name, Boneyard Studios, but are living in separate locations in/around DC. The other tiny house is in Palmetto, FL.
  8. Florida: A tiny house community has been approved by the city of Rockledge. Plans are underway for both tiny houses on wheels and foundations.
  9. Florida: In Okeechobee, Gracious Tiny House Park is a year-round, pet-friendly, waterfront tiny house community/RV park along Lake Okeechobee. Rent is $385/month plus electric. Includes water & sewer hookups.
  10. Florida: Orlando Lakefront at College Park is a lakefront, year-round tiny house community/RV park in Orlando. Elaine's tiny home was there for two years (see the picture at the top of this page). If you'd like to try tiny living there, you can reserve this AirBnB tiny house.
  11. Georgia: Green Bridge Farm in Guyton, GA is a sustainable community that accepts tiny houses. A twenty year old organic farm is the center piece of the shared community space on this otherwise wooded acreage. One-acre lots are for sale for $30,000 and $40,000. Smaller lots are available for rent for $300 per month plus electricity.
  12. Indiana: In north west Indiana on the Kankakee River, Lomax Tiny House Community has quarter acre sites, well, septic, electric, hiking trails and more. This was designed as a high end, first class, gated community for tiny houses on wheels. Lots are for sale or rent. Call Michael Anthony 574-275-2200 or email archangelslanding@gmail.com
  13. Indiana: Tiny houses are coming to Towering Pines Vineyard, an organic farm and learning center.
  14. Iowa: Tom Greene, is developing an eco-village, SoFair Farms. Membership is available, starting at $22,000.
  15. Michigan:Traverse Bay RV Resort in Williamsburg is host to Cottage Estates by Wheelhaus. Lots start at $64,900; with a cottage (400 sq ft house) $229,000.
  16. Minnesota: The Sanctuary Minnesota in Ogilvie is a tiny house community on 80 acres of woods and trails, with two permanent houses ($400 per month) and six spots to park a tiny house on wheels ($300 per month). In order to maintain the serenity of the property and balance with nature, The Sanctuary Minnesota is an adult only community, and cats are the only pets allowed.
  17. Montana: Truly Green Energy Worker's Cooperative Village in Yaak, Montana is an ecovillage with four businesses and several tiny to almost tiny timber frame houses with a central dining hall and kitchen.
  18. Missouri: Dancing Rabbit is an intentional community with some tiny houses in Rutledge.
  19. New Mexico: City of the Sun, near Columbus, NM, on the Mexico border, is an intentional community that accepts tiny houses. Contact: Bob Cook at lifewithbob101@yahoo.com
  20. New Mexico: A tiny house community & eco-resort, Caballos de las Estrellas, is under development in Rodeo.
  21. Nevada: Llamalopolis, also known as the Airstream Park, was created in the Fremont East District of Las Vegas by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos. The community is composed of Tumbleweeds and Airstreams which are inhabited by Tony's friends. New members and visitors are by invitation only.
  22. North Carolina: Wildwoods Community Mini-Farm has broken ground for tiny homes and gardens in Chapel Hill, NC.
  23. North Carolina: The Village of Wildflowers in Flat Rock was founded on the belief that "smaller is better" with many certified park model tiny homes for rent or purchase.
  24. North Carolina: High Cove is an eco-village in Mitchell County that welcomes small and tiny houses. The community has architectural and landscape guidelines as well as a homeowner's association. Half acre lots start at $45,000.
  25. North Carolina: Highland Lake Cove is an eco-village in Flat Rock that welcomes small and tiny houses. Land is available for lease.
  26. North Carolina: John Williams is developing a tiny house community and ecovillage called Camp Tiny House of the Triad in Kernersville.
  27. Ohio: Lovare Homestead in De Graff is 7 acres of communal farm and orchard with room for 6 tiny houses.
  28. Oregon: Founded by Tony & Aline Diethelm, Ben Campbell, and Karin Parramore, Simply Home Community is in Portland, and is the site of the Lucky Penny, Lina Menard's (Niche Consulting) tiny house.
  29. Oregon: Lakeview Tall Town Tiny Village is a tiny house community forming from an old RV park. Lots are 30x60 ft, available for purchase for $12,500 or for rent at $400 per month. Utilities are extra. Contact: call John Cogar at 541-417-1143 or email TallTownTinyVillage@outlook.com.
  30. Pennsylvania: Sharing Paradise is a private vacation community of five friends in Hawley.
  31. Texas: Austin Live|Work is an innovative mixed-use 10 acre land development, half a mile from the Circuit of the Americas, for tiny house entrepreneurs who want to live peacefully and work productively.
  32. Texas: Sunconomy is building an eco-village of tiny houses in Willis, TX, at Healing Hands Ranch, which as you can see below, aims to help transition folks to better circumstances. Sunconomy's homes will be available to the general population, as well as to the residents of Healing Hands Ranch.
  33. Vermont: Headwaters Garden & Learning Center in Cabot, VT, is an eco-village that welcomes tiny houses.
  34. Washington: Chris and Malissa Tack have a tiny house collective centered around their larger home and land in Puget Sound. With three tiny homes, they are at capacity (no room for more, sorry).

Communities, International

  1. Australia: Wurruk’an is a humble but beautiful body of land, water, and forest in the Gunai district of Gippsland, Victoria. In recent years it has become an inclusive gathering space for people seeking to pioneer and demonstrate a simpler way of living based on permaculture principles. Several tiny houses are in the community.
  2. Canada: Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village near Terrace, British Columbia offers tiny houses for rent from Hummingbird Micro Homes starting at $750 per month. For those who already own a tiny home, land rent is $400/month.
  3. Canada: Tiny Homes Simply Home Community - is in the planning stages in Abbotsford, British Columbia.
  4. Canada: Folks in Ontario are gathering to form Smart Communities.
  5. Canada: Andy Thomson is building a tiny house ecovillage in Mansfield, Quebec.
  6. Canada: Habitat Multigenerations offers a varity of housing options in Laval, Quebec.
  7. New Zealand: The eco-village Earthsong has one tiny house and may accept more.
  8. United Kingdom: Tiny houses by the Wee House Company are joining the Chapelton development in Seamill.


    RV Parks, Rentals and Resorts

    RV Parks: Tiny houses are slowing gaining acceptance in RV parks; an RVIA decal may be required. Some parks allow year round living. However, in cold climates, RV parks close in the winter, and in some warmer states (such as CA), laws protecting tenants rights lead to RV parks limiting stays to six months. A few communities (like Teton county, WY) restrict living in an RV to just 30 days. However, many parks in AZ, FL, NM, and NV offer annual lease or purchase options. Learn more about fulltime RVing at Escapees RV Club.
    • Here's a list of RV parks that welcome tiny houses. Orlando Lakefront at College Park is a lakefront, year-round RV Park/tiny house community in Orlando. My own tiny home was there for two years (see the picture at the top of this page).
    • Purchase an RV lot: Some RV parks have lots for purchase. Monthly homeowner association fees may apply. Be sure to explore whether there are any length of stay limits or closed seasons, as well as whether the park will accept your tiny house, before purchasing a lot.
    Short Term Rentals and Resorts:
    Air BnB is a great source for tiny house overnight rentals, but finding them is easier through Google than the AirBnB site. Go to Google.com, copy this    site:airbnb.com "tiny house"    and paste into the search box.
    House Beautiful shares what they say are "The Cutest Tiny House Rentals in Every Single State".
    • Another site for tiny house short term rentals is Tiny House Vacations.

    • Colorado: Garden of the God RV Resort in Colorado Springs has a couple of Tumbleweed tiny houses available for short stays.
      Wee Casa, a tiny house hotel in Lyons.
    • Florida:
      - AirBnB tiny house at the Orlando Lakefront Tiny House Community & RV park.
      - Tiny House Siesta offers vacation rentals in Sarasota off of Siesta Key (walking distance to the beach).
          Contact Jeremy Ricci via Jeremy@TinySiesta.com or call 941.4.SIESTA (941-474-3782).
    • Georgia: Live a Little Chatt offers four tiny houses for overnight rent in Wildwood.
    • Maryland: Blue Moon Rising, an eco-tourist retreat on Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. Cabins, most built by Hobbitat, are 275 to 400 square feet and can accommodate four people.
    • New Hampshire: Getaway House from Harvard's Millennial Housing Lab, offers three tiny overnight cabins complete with a shower and composting toilet, plus "getaway provisions" (snacks, meals, and activities) for an additional charge. Advertised as Boston, but actually in New Hampshire.
    • New York: Getaway House from Harvard's Millennial Housing Lab, offers hour tiny overnight cabins complete with a shower and composting toilet, plus "getaway provisions" (snacks, meals, and activities) for an additional charge in upstate New York.
    • Oregon:
      • Bay City: Sheltered Nook offers park model RVs for short term stays.
      • Mt. Hood: Mt. Hood Village, one of the Thousand Trails RV Parks, offers a collection of five Tumbleweed tiny houses for nightly rent.
      • Portland: Caravan, the original tiny house hotel
      • Portland: Portland Garden Cottages, in the Mississippi Historic District of Portland, Oregon, are sometimes available for rent. There are two, each 364 square feet. Minimum stay: one month.
      • Portland: Tiny Digs, another tiny house hotel
    • Wyoming: Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole in Wilson, Wyoming provides an opportunity to stay over in a tiny house built by Wheelhaus


    Armadilla cabin at Lochness Glamping
    Armadilla cabin at Lochness Glamping, UK

      Communities for Veterans in Need (by state)

      Note: If you're interested in supporting this effort, please see the Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness for helpful resources.

    1. Alabama: The men of Phi Kappa Psi at the University of Alabama in Huntsville have started Foundations for Tomorrow to create a tiny home village for homeless veterans.
    2. California: Residence for Patriots has a vision of utilizing the tiny home movement to solve homelessness and bring back community in the San Diego area. Contact: gcrane@res4patriots.org.
    3. Colorado: Heroes Home Colorado is raising funds for a community. Contact: HeroesHomeCO@gmail.com
    4. Florida: In St. Pete, Celebrate Outreach is planning a tiny house community for veterans. Contact George Bolden via concretesolutions@celebrateoutreach.org.
    5. Georgia: The Chatham-Savannah Homeless Authority is creating a community of 12 tiny homes for veterans along with a possible additional 60 tiny houses for other homeless folks. A three-acre plot of land was recently purchased for the community whose name is expected to be The Cove at Dundee.
    6. Illinois: The Vets4Vets Village in rural Williamson County, Illinois, is exclusively for veterans, families of deployed troops, and families of those who lost their lives.
    7. Kentucky: Steve O'Bryan is working toward a tiny house community for veterans in Louisville, KY.
    8. Massachusetts: Carolyn Love Scalise is working on a tiny house community for veterans in Natick, MA. Please contact me for her email address.
    9. Missouri: Veterans Community Project, founded by veterans Chris Stout, Kevin Jamison, and Mark Solomon, has built its first tiny house at Veterans Village, a community intended to grow to 52 tiny houses and a day outreach center on four acres of land on 89th and Troost in Kansas City. They plan to teach living skills, provide case management and PTSD treatment to veterans that do not qualify for VA services or consistently fail in other programs.
    10. New Hampshire: Veteran Peter Macdondald is building the Veterans Resort Chapel and Tiny House Community in Lee, NH.
    11. New Jersey: Amazing Grace Ministries in Franklinville is nearly done with the first four tiny homes in their Operation Safe Haven community for veterans.
    12. Wisconsin: A tiny house community is under construction in Racine, sponsored by the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin. One tiny house is completed and 14 more planned, as part of the James A. Peterson Veterans Village.

      Communities for All People in Need (by country, then state, then city)

      Please watch this inspirational TEDx video, "Dream Big with Tiny Homes to End Homelessness" with Rev. Dan Bryant, the executive director for Opportunity Village Eugene.

      Here are tiny house communities for homeless folks, but if you're in need of shelter and none of the communities below is an option for you, please see the HUD's Homelessness Assistance page. As a last resort, if you're in a rural area in a moderate climate, you might be interested in these instructions for building a temporary shelter called a hexayurt, made from filament tape and foil faced insulation boards. However, it's not warm enough to protect you in freezing temperatures.


    1. New South Wales: Tiny Homes Foundation - a tiny house community for the homeless is planned for Gosford.

    2. USA
    3. California: 14 Forward provides 20 tiny houses as temporary dwellings for people in need in Marysville, CA.
    4. California: Cornerstone Villages, formerly known as LC Tiny Home Village, is a collaborative community that provides tiny homes for qualified homeless individuals and families in Lake County, CA.
    5. California: Hope's Village of SLO is a non-profit group in Santa Margarita, CA, dedicated to establishing a safe, healthy, and drug-free environment where people can live in dignity and in peace. Not yet a community; they are seeking ten acres of land in San Luis Obispo County on which to build cabins on wheels.
    6. Georgia: Cindy Murphy Kelley of the Chatham Savannah Authority for the Homeless is developing a plan for a tiny house community to address homelessness.
    7. Idaho: Idaho Tiny House is striving to build tiny houses for the homeless in Idaho. Their mission is to provide a secure habitation where any un-housed person will have a door to lock and a bed to sleep in. Having a home is one part of feeling loved and needed in society. Not yet a community; they invite your involvement and assistance.
    8. Indiana: Bridges Community Services has sited the first two of six tiny homes planned for the homeless in Muncie.
    9. Michigan: Cass Community Social Services is building a tiny house community in Detroit. According to Fox News, the 24 homes being built in Detroit will be fully functioning, between 300 and 450 square feet, and located right off the Lodge near Woodrow Wilson and Elmhurst Street.
    10. Missouri:: In Springfield, the Gathering Tree is building Eden Village, a tiny house community for single adults who are disabled and homeless.
    11. New Jersey: In response to the destruction of the tent city in Lakewood, Sherry Rubel founded Revival Village and drafted legislation for a tiny house pilot program in NJ.
    12. New Jersey: Destiny's Bridge is an intentional community in Lakewood, NJ. Unlike a traditional “homeless shelter” which simply provides a cot and a roof over ones’ head, Destiny’s Bridge provides a tiny home “of their own” in which the homeless temporarily live as they begin the process of healing surrounded by a community which offers care, rehabilitation and support so they can start the process of becoming productively integrated members of society.
    13. New York: On twelve acres of donated land near Ithaca, NY, Community Faith Partners created Second Wind Cottages, providing 320 square foot tiny houses for homeless men.
    14. New York: A Tiny Home for Good provides tiny houses for rent at a sliding scale for single homeless men in Syracuse.
    15. North Carolina: Located on The Farm at Penny Lane in Pittsboro, the Tiny Home Community Collaborative serves people struggling with mental illness.
    16. North Carolina: Tiny Houses Greensboro hopes to build a tiny house community in Greensboro, NC.
    17. Oregon: In Eugene, Oregon, Square One Villages offer transitional and permanent housing for very low income residents of Eugene via Opportunity Village and Emerald Village.
    18. Oregon: Also in Eugene is Hospitality Village hosted by the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection.
    19. Oregon: Hope Village in Medford will be a community of 14 tiny houses for homeless that feature case management services by Rogue Retreat. Hope Village is expected to open mid 2017.
    20. Oregon: In Portland, Oregon, Dignity Village is a community for the homeless, supporting 60 residents.
    21. South Carolina: The Dream Center in Easley, SC began construction of Opportunity Village, a community that will consist of 23 tiny houses.
    22. Tennessee: We Care of Dayton, TN, has completed one tiny house and is planning on building several more, as part of Haven House. One 208 square foot house is complete and currently in use as transitional housing.
    23. Tennessee:Green Street Church of Christ in Nashville provides a Sanctuary for the homeless, some in tents and some in tiny houses donated by Pastor Jeff Obafemi Carr of Infinity Fellowship Interfaith Gathering Church.
    24. Texas: The Cottages at Hickory Crossing will offer permanent housing for the chronically homeless in South Dallas. The tiny house village will consist of 50 homes of 400 sq ft each.
    25. Texas: Healing Hands Ranch in Willis, TX, provides a place for men struggling through poverty and/or addiction to develop a purpose, experience spiritual growth, receive job training, and find a path back into society, through a faith-based program. In partnership with Healing Hands Ranch, Sunconomy is building an eco-village of tiny houses, and will utilize aquaponics and permaculture designs.
    26. Texas: Community First! Village will provide homes (tiny houses, RVs, cottages and tepees) for up to 200 disabled, chronically homeless people in central TX. The village is 27 acres with a 3 acre garden.
    27. Washington: Quixote Village, is a community of one room cottages for homeless folks, in Olympia, WA. Currently there is a waiting list.
    28. Washington: The Nickelsville Encampment in Seattle is transitioning to a tiny house village with the support of the Low Income Housing Institute and the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.
    29. Washington: Othello Village has formed in the Nickelsville Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.
    30. Wisconsin: Chippewa Falls Mission Coalition is a group of 17 area churches that share hosting of tiny houses for homeless people.
    31. Wisconsin: With Occupy Madison, future residents participate in the building of their tiny houses at OM Build.
    32. Additional gatherings, across the US: Andrew Heben provides great resources in his book and website, listing both sanctioned and unsanctioned communities. Tent City Urbanism

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