Looking for a Place to Park?

As we roll forward with new features for you to enjoy, we have several more announcements to share this weekend. Recently, you’ve seen an update to the visuals on the site. You’ve seen a new map get introduced. You may have even noticed a new section called your profile. In case you didn’t notice that last one, I’ll touch on it briefly before we announce our next feature.

Your Profile

Profiles are now active. You can send messages to other users, organize people or places into lists, bookmark listings from the map, add friends, manage or view groups you’re a part of, manage invoices of paid listings you have, and even see reviews you’ve left. Whew! That’s a lot, huh? I’m not even sure I’ve mentioned everything you can do on your profile page, so be sure you check it out!

On to our feature presentation….. drum roll, please!

Discussion boards! (otherwise known as forums!) If you’re looking for a place to park, you want to connect to tiny house enthusiasts like yourself (who live close by), or you want to ask help about your tiny house build (or getting started, or anything really), this is just for you!

I remember you, I remember how you were looking for a place to park, I remember how you needed to connect with others in your area. This is for you. For you to reach out and find what you’re looking for. I didn’t forget about you!

Head over to the discussion boards and create a new topic. Let us know what you’re looking for!

As a side note, the discussion boards also have a built-in support forum. If you’re having issues with the site, you can always post there and someone from the Tiny House Community team will get in touch with you as soon as we can! (This forum will be for support only, not for comments or suggestions. If you have a comment or suggestion, we will gladly hear you if you fill out the form on the contact page.)

Let us know what other features you’d like to see by commenting or leaving a suggestion.

Have a tiny but great day!

Comments on Looking for a Place to Park?

  1. Rhuana Jones says:

    Hello my name is Rhuana, I’m very interested in tiny house living my concern is having a place to put my home or park. I’m the NYC area is there any one with info please let me know.


    1. Stephanie~ says:

      Head over to our forums and ask around! I’m sure there is someone who can help find a location for you, or maybe someone else lives in the area that has a lot for rent. Be sure to check out the map as well for listings. New listings are added every day so check often!

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