How Tiny Homes Promote Sustainability and Minimalism

Tiny homes are defined as living spaces between 200 and 400 square feet. These miniature dwellings have been popular for many years now, but have recently been gaining favor with the Millennial generation. Because of financial stresses brought on by student loan debt, along with a greater tendency to care about environmentally-friendly living, tiny homes offer the perfect solution for young couples.
A few of the financial benefits to tiny home living include:
  • Encouraging a minimalist lifestyle, since there simply isn’t space for excess items
  • Saving money every month on repairs, utility bills, and home insurance
  • Tiny homes cost, on average, about the same as the typical down payment on a full-size home
The environmental benefits of tiny homes include:
  • Fewer maintenance issues and fewer materials needed for repairs
  • Greater ability for self-sustaining initiatives like composting toilets and rainwater collection
  • More suited to renewable energy options such as solar panels
Take a look at the graphics from The Zebra below to learn more about the possibilities of tiny home living!

Benefits of Tiny Home Living

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