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Talking with other tiny house enthusiasts is one of the best ways to learn. Meet-ups let you connect with folks in your area, and Facebook groups give you an opportunity to exchange ideas with tiny house fans from all over the world.

Meet Ups

Alphabetical by state-city (USA). International meet ups are listed by country, then province.


Facebook Groups

Note: these are groups, not pages. There are hundreds of tiny house Facebook pages, many with just a few pictures of someone's tiny house build in progress. Groups are more helpful for getting your tiny house questions answered.

Here some of the most popular groups. To see an updated list with a current membership count, search Facebook here.

If you decide to join many tiny house groups, note that it's considered good manners to be selective in your posts, rather than posting the same thing to multiple groups at the same time.

  1. Tiny House People
  2. Tiny Yellow House and Relaxshacks
  3. Tiny House Ideas
  4. Dreaming of Living in a Tiny House
  5. Our Tiny Home Lifestyle
  6. American Tiny House Association
  7. Tiny Houses Australia
  8. Tiny Grid Free Homes
  9. Tiny House Resource Group

Meetups outside the USA

Alphabetical by country, then province

Forums & Twitter



  • American Tiny House Association: Our mission is to promote the tiny house as a viable, formally acceptable dwelling option for a wide variety of people. Our goal is to support tiny house enthusiasts who are seeking creative and affordable housing as part of a more sustainable and self-reliant lifestyle. Join us!