Cowboy Coffee a Solo Stove and a Gaston Luga Classic Pack

A few weeks ago my son and I hiked out to a place he calls the “Fort.” A friend of his has built this wonderful place to camp out in the forest here in Central Oregon.

I had recently received a pack from Gaston Luga and wanted to try it out. The pack is a very classic looking pack and I wanted to test it out in the woods.

The pack fit all my gear, which included a large water bottle, my Solo Stove Lite, and kettle. My hatchet and our two mugs.

If you are interested in this pack or any other of their products, Gaston Luga has offered a 15% discount if you use the code tinyhouseblog at checkout.

I’d been wanting to try making cowboy coffee in a way my cast iron coach, cowboy Kent Rollins (watch his video here) uses but on a much smaller scale.

I would be using my Solo Stove Lite for heating the water and making the coffee. I also recently received from my son a Christmas gift the Hydroflask mug. So why not test all this at once.

Ted and I and Max our dog hiked about a mile out to the “Fort.”

Ted helped me gather some small twigs and pitchy bark to get the fire in the solo stove going. It was windy and took a little while to get the fire started.

Once going I heated the water and got in nice and warm. You then  put the coffee in and stir it a bit. The next step is to bring the coffee to a rolling boil. I then pulled it aside for a few minutes and let it steep with the lid on. After that, you pour in a some cold water around the edges. This makes all the coffee grounds sink to the bottom of the kettle.

We then poured it into our coffee mugs and it came out perfect. I was impressed at how easy and how good it tasted. The Hydroflask mug kept it nice and warm. I will be doing this on future camping trips as it is easy and very tasty.

I highly recommend all these products. If you are looking for quality products that will last a long time this is the way to go.

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