Zoning & Building Code Regulations

10/27 Ordinance would allow for tiny houses for veterans

In front of a crowded room on Wednesday, the Racine Plan Commission recommended that the city create an ordinance to allow for a tiny-house village for veterans. Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin is planning on placing 15 tiny houses on 1624 Yout St. as temporary housing for homeless veterans. The organization […]


09/20 Aiken, SC now allows tiny houses on wheels on their own land

Aiken County Council passed on third and final reading Tuesday night an ordinance involving tiny homes, which conditionally allows those not built on site in certain County zoning districts. The small dwellings, classified by the state of South Carolina as RVs, drew a large crowd during a July public hearing, […]

Zoning & Building Code Regulations

09/20 Popular tiny houses fighting to find a home in urban Wasatch Front communities

The tiny house movement has found a home in the Beehive State, but finding a place to put the small dwellings has become a challenge for anyone wanting to live in most urban communities along the Wasatch Front. “When you deal with tiny homes there is a lot of gray […]

Zoning & Building Code Regulations

09/13 Seattle Is Regulating Away Micro-Housing

Although micro-housing is not a nationwide phenomenon, it has become a niche option in cities with expensive housing. College students, young professionals, and beginning families, rather than living in the suburbs or cramped with roommates in cities, can live alone in centrally-located apartments that are slightly smaller than the average […]

Zoning & Building Code Regulations

Aiken County, SC set to allow tiny houses on wheels on their own land

Folks living in tiny homes are a step closer to permanent residence. Tuesday, the Aiken County Council moved forward with a reading that would allow tiny homes to stay in the county. Tuesday’s reading was the second passed in the Aiken County Council without any objections, but there is still […]