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12/05 Tiny house interior changes at the flick of a switch

The experimentation that typifies the tiny house movement often encourages people to commission a project that suits their exact needs. This was the case with the recently completed Vintage Glam Tiny House, by luxury tiny house specialist Tiny Heirloom, which features a neat motorized platform that reveals a bed, storage […]


11/16 Off-grid tiny house facing $1500 fine

A Calgary-area contractor’s attempt to reduce his cost of living as demand for his business decreased has encountered a roadblock. During the summer, Gregg Taylor, the owner of a small contracting company, found himself with ample free time as there were fewer construction jobs available. “I’ve been a contractor for […]

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11/08 Tiny-house living

“We wanted to pay off debt and not accrue more debt,” says Korie, 26, a former high school English teacher and now stay-at-home mom to their one-year-old son Abel. “Tiny-house living seemed like a good way to do that.” Typically constructed on a trailer with wheels instead of a foundation, […]