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This list is not all inclusive, but tries to offer experienced professionals who create tiny houses that don't look like standard mobile homes or sheds.

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Be sure to research each company and person you're considering. Just like in general construction, there are unscrupulous tiny house builders. Be sure to ask any potential builder whether his or her company actually built the homes they display on their web site. (Some new builders use photos from established builders as representations of possible designs, without ever making it clear that their company did not build that home.) Also, check for a history of complaints at the Better Business Bureau, read reviews, ask for references, and request a written contract and warranty before making a commitment. Note: Don't be concerned about the message, "This business is not BBB accredited." BBB charges fees for accreditation, so many businesses don't join.

Companies that build and/or design tiny houses are listed alphabetically within region:
USA and Canada,    Australia,    Europe,    Other Regions

(In addition, toward the bottom of the page, I've listed a few companies that make whimsical structures that aren't quite complete houses, but creative tiny buildings that could be made into houses.)

Special Notations

  1. ADA Builders with designs that are (or can be modified to be) ADA compliant, suitable for folks who use a wheelchair or otherwise have impaired mobility.
  2. RV Builders who are certified (either through the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association or an authorized independent inspection company like Pacific West Associates) as meeting the standards in NFPA 1192 (regular RVs) or A119.5 (park model RVs). Certification is helpful if you want to live in an RV park and/or obtain financing and insurance. However, RVs are not intended as permanent homes.
  3. FREE Designers who offer some free tiny house plans.
  4. TRL Builders who offer tiny house trailers. They can also be found under Trailers
  5. Kits and shells: Many companies offer partially built tiny houses on wheels that you can finish yourself. Here's a list: tiny house kits and tiny house shells.
  6. Financing: Look for the word "financing" under the company name. Note that even when financing isn't mentioned, if your tiny house will be RVIA certified, you may be able to get traditional RV financing. More information about financing for tiny houses is on our FAQ page.

USA and Canada, Builders, Plans, Designers, & Consultants, Trailers



Australia and New Zealand

Gypsy Wagons Australia


Other Regions

  • Green Magic Homes     (headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    Manufactured in Cancun, Mexico and has distributors worldwide
  • JPW, Jetson Wood Composites     (Tainan City, Taiwan)
  • Pod Idladla     (South Africa)
  • Skeleton Hut     (Kanagawa-ken, Japan)

Whimsical Structures

Wooden Wonders Hobbit Hole
Podzook work-life pod