4th of July Tiny House Magazine Special

It is Independence Day week here in the U.S.A. and I am excited to share with you an unusual SPECIAL for the Tiny House Magazine.

Recently we upgraded to a new technology which makes it possible for you by using one link to access the Tiny House Magazine either by your Apple iOS device or with an Android device. I’m really excited about this and want to make a special offer to anyone who subscribes to a one year PDF subscription.

Here is how the SPECIAL works.

  1. Subscribe for a Yearly PDF subscription. CLICK HERE This is readable on your desktop computer.
  2. When you subscribe you will be given a download link to get the current Tiny House Magazine in PDF format.
  3. You will also be given a link to click on with your phone or tablet. You need to have either an Apple or Android device.
  4. When you click this link you will download the app and open to the Tiny House Magazine.

THE SPECIAL IS: For $49.99 you get a full years subscription and access to all 78 back issues of the magazine. This is a $380 value and is only available till July 7, 2019 at midnight EST.

So celebrate Independence Day with a gift to yourself.

Purchase the 4th of July Special Here


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