Design & Construction

08/29 Luxurious little cabin built to weather out northern winters

We’re big fans of sheds and cabins here on TreeHugger, and for good reason. They boil space down to only what is needed — a roof, four walls and basic comforts, and when built under a certain square footage, they don’t need a building permit to go up, meaning that […]


08/29 What Is a Tiny House? A Huge Trend Explained in Simple Terms

Unless you’ve been living in a sensory deprivation tank, you’re probably familiar with the tiny-house movement invading all corners of the U.S. If nothing else, you may have hit upon one of HGTV’s three—count ’em, three—ongoing tiny-home series. But wait a minute: What exactly is a tiny house? Sure, they’re […]


08/29 The west is leading the way in tiny house friendliness!

The west is leading the way in making changes to welcome tiny houses. While some towns have never had regulations that require a minimum size of house, below are towns that specifically changed their codes to be more tiny house friendly. Most are in the west with notable exceptions in […]

Building Codes

Walsenburg, Colorado modifies building code to be tiny house friendly

Walsenburg, Colorado passed amendments to the 2015 IRC to be more tiny house friendly for homes on foundations. They waived minimum room areas and stairway regulations and reduced the requirement for exit door width: Walsenburg Colorado Ordinance No. 1092 Zoning regulations were made tiny house friendly in 2014:


08/27 Modern tiny house on wheels with space-saving interiors

A Washington-based couple recently created a modern tiny house-on-wheels named Shed, which perfectly shows how to use space saving techniques to make any space feel larger. To make the house spacious, they placed all the furniture efficiently and designed the roof in such a way to provide extra space. Moreover, […]


Minnesota Tiny House Code Fact Sheet

Minnesota has written a tiny house code fact sheet: SUMMARY If the tiny house does not: • have a chassis and axles, or • have a HUD manufactured home label, or • have a RVIA park model label, then • it is either a prefabricated or industrialized modular building subject […]

Design & Construction

08/25 Couple builds their own adventurous 204 sq. ft. modern shed home

Smaller homes need not feel like coffin boxes — that’s what the purveyors of “big is always better” want you to think. We’ve seen numerous times how small spaces can be made to feel larger, with the use of efficient space-saving concepts for furniture and spaces, changing the roof line, […]


08/25 Interest in tiny house movement big in DeKalb and still growing

The houses themselves may be small, but the tiny house movement is continuing to grow in cities in and around DeKalb, thanks largely to a local group championing and educating on the alternative lifestyle. Tiny House Atlanta is an advocacy and education group created by Will Johnston and has gone […]


08/24 Walsenburg, CO welcomes tiny houses on foundations

Message from Jack Dody, Walsenburg representative: We would like to invite all of your readers to Walsenburg! The cost of hooking up your tiny house at this time should be less than $4000 for all utilities combined – water, sewage, electricity. Natural gas may be available, or propane may be […]