Etowah, Tennessee backlash against tiny houses, sets new minimum sq ft requirements

There will be no tiny houses built in Etowah after the city commissioners amended an ordinance to prevent their construction. A current fad spreading throughout the United States includes people living in houses less than 500 square feet, often referred to as tiny houses. As a result of this, the […]


07/30 Ten Biggest Perks When Living in a Tiny Home

America is having a love affair with tiny homes. With the popularity of shows like “Tiny House Hunters,” “Tiny House Builders,” “Tiny House, Big Living” and “Tiny House Nation,” the tiny house movement is going mainstream. It might seem like just a novelty, but there are some serious financial advantages […]

Design & Construction

07/28 Big interest in tiny homes in Ottawa

The tiny house movement is a growing part of the home building scene in Canada, and that’s why I get a steady stream of questions from people wanting to build tiny houses, but not sure how. Even people who like their full-size homes are curious. What’s the minimum house size […]


07/26 Tiny living means normal living for this couple

Kyle and Danae Schmidt have found that living in the 200-square-foot house they designed and built works for them—it’s both functional and comfortable. “I’ve actually been surprised how normal this feels,” Danae said about life since they moved into their house seven months ago. “When people ask how is tiny […]


07/27 I Live In A 56-Square-Foot Tiny House. Here Are My Top Tips For Decluttering

Do one thing today. This was my mantra 12 years ago, when I started downsizing from my 1,500-square-foot house into the 84-square-foot home I’d designed and built myself. The new house, slightly larger than an area rug, had one closet, a “great room,” and a sleeping loft I climbed into […]


07/24 New resident moves into Natick, MA farm’s tiny house

When Kori Feener thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail several years ago, she became intrigued about living with less. She has since stayed briefly in a tiny house in New Hampshire. Now, she is the first resident of Natick Community Organic Farm’s new tiny home. “It’s an example of sustainable living,” Feener […]