04/27 The surprising effects of a tiny house community on the surrounding neighborhood

Many people fear that a tiny house community, particularly one for the homeless, will harm their neighborhood and drop their property values. This video describes the village of Occupy Madison and the reactions of some neighbors. Watch the video:


04/27 Young couple goes Dutch with $28k tiny house build

Deciding that standard domestic life and its trappings wasn’t for them, Dutch couple Martijn and Irene ditched their careers for seasonal work that left them more time to travel the world. Next, with the wanderlust bug well and truly caught, the pair set upon building an off-grid towable tiny house […]


04/26 College invites alumna to live free on campus in her tiny home in exchange for volunteering to assist students

Pearson College in Metchosin [British Columbia, Canada] welcomed its first “Tiny House” to campus on April 12, a 250-square-foot micro-house on wheels. The undersized abode will be the new home for former Pearson student Dani McArthur, and part of a Pearson College Tiny House initiative that evolved from a challenge […]


04/27 The allure of the tiny house to bypass the mortgage burden

Tiny house fever is taking hold as people look for innovative ways to bypass having a massive mortgage debt. Stuart Dakin, 32, and his partner, Leah Stephens, 35, moved into their tiny house in the Yarra Valley in Victoria [Australia] a few months ago. “I was interested in doing something […]


04/26 Couple builds tiny house on wheels for $30K to free up money and time for travel

When you want to really pursue your dreams, instead of simply dreaming them, you might need to think outside the box. Outside the housing box, that is. Tiny houses are a great solution for a number of modern housing and living woes, including being able to own your own home […]

Design & Construction

04/26 Eight Expensive Surprises When Building Your Tiny Home

Shawn Bronson, a film art director from Pennsylvania, recently built his tiny home. His work takes him around the country, so a home on wheels seemed practical. He also has substantial student loan debt, originally $180,000, now down to $130,000. “[A tiny home] was my answer to having a home […]


04/24 Kennewick, WA student-built tiny houses to be auctioned

If you’re in the market for a home that’s environmentally friendly, and your budget and need for personal space is minimal, the Kennewick School District may have the place for you. Two tiny houses built by students at Tri-Tech Skills Center are to join the desks, textbooks, vehicles and other […]