02/27 One Tiny House Enthusiast Creates Her Own Petite Palace

Jewel Pearson, knowing that living in a traditional home wasn’t for her, began her journey into the tiny house lifestyle slowly. First, she decided to downsize: “I had downsized over the course of 10 years from a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house to a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment,” she told LittleThings. Once she’d […]


02/26 Tiny House at Nashville’s Old House Fair

A new element this year is a chance to see one of the “tiny homes” that have been in the news as a new lifestyle trend… Even though I sometimes entertain the idea of downsizing from our large historic house, I have absolutely no intention of moving into what one […]

Design & Construction

02/26 Why Tiny Houses Are So Popular

I’ve been asked this question many times, and there’s no easy answer. I just dig tiny, cozy structures. As to why, there are numerous reasons, some you might not anticipate. Creating a microstructure involves creative thinking, outdoor activity, and problem-solving — things many people crave but often find absent from […]


02/25 ‘We’d love to have this be the first one of many’ – LCC students build tiny house

In Eugene, Oregon, two Lane Community College construction students had an idea about 6 or 7 weeks ago: Why not learn our construction skills for the labor force – and help the community at the same time? “Building tiny houses is the reason why I started to come to Lane,” […]


02/25 This Tiny House Used to Be a Shabby One-Car Garage

The next time you park your car in the garage, it’ll be hard not to start dreaming up an extravagant renovation plan after you see what one Seattle-based visual and performance artist did with a tiny, tired car port. Michelle de la Vega acted as her own general contractor, transforming […]


02/25 Shed of the Year "Shedcations"

As part of the launch of the 2016 Shed of the Year competition, Cuprinol and Airbnb are working together to offer a range of holiday accommodation which is entirely shed-based. Indeed, a poll which is part of the campaign suggests two thirds of people would prefer to holiday in a […]