11/30 Register now to start the new year right with a tiny house design course!

Yestermorrow is offering a terrific course in design, “Less is More: Designing the Small or Tiny House,” taught by David Cain, who studied at Boston Architectural College, and by Lina Menard, a designer, builder, consultant, small home advocate and owner of Niche Design Build. The course begins Sunday evening, January 3rd, […]

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11/27 Get charmed by this woman’s self-built 150 sq. ft. home

Duval, who had no previous building experience, constructed this tiny home last year in a small Christchurch community run by a land trust. She started from scratch, building over a trailer that she purchased for around $8,000. The scheme was designed around a custom-made bookshelf with cupboards that Duval made […]


11/27 Show Some Shack Pride

Amongst other award-winning community dislocation initiatives, the Harbour Plan suggests that existing Woodyard shacks – Yellowknife’s historic small habitation community and, according to the Globe and Mail, “arguably the quirkiest neighbourhood in Canada” – be progressively shuttered and the neighbourhood be turned into “medium density” shack-like boutiques alongside a generic, […]

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11/25 The tiny house movement hits the Heartland

“Dream big.” That’s how the saying goes, but Kristen Cook prefers a much smaller scale. When it was time to move out of her mom and dad’s house, Cook decided it was also time to downsize. “I can definitely come home after a long day of school or work and […]

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11/27 Tiny house with a doggy elevator!

This well designed tiny house in Canada has lots of creative storage plus a doggy elevator! Watch the video here –


11/24 Thank you, tiny friends!

In this season of thanks, I want to express my gratitude for all the terrific tiny house people: Thanks to those of you who, with creativity and cooperation, are working toward a more sustainable and peaceful world. Thanks to you who are struggling with a tiny house build, who faithfully […]

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11/21 From the Rambler to the Road

[The following are excerpts from the blog of April and Joey Marzullo and their daughter Sofie. They are moving from a large “rambler” house in MN to a tiny house in NC, to be near a clinic where April can get specialized care.] This blog, We Are Going Tiny, is […]


11/23 Where should a good millennial live?

A few years ago the tiny house movement was just for hard-core hippies and sharing-economy fundamentalists, but as the idea has spread its been associated with young Americans… What’s so exciting about the idea of millennials living in boxes? Part of the appeal is ecological; suburban living with its high […]

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11/22 The tiny house trend in Sacramento, CA

Chris Silva and his fiance live in what is called a “tiny home.” It is only 185-square-feet. “Coming out of college, we really wanted to keep our cost down,” Silva said. “We didn’t want to burden ourselves with a mortgage or even rent payments.” So this April, they did away […]