09/29 Preassembled Small Cottage Kit, The Bunkie, Doesn’t Need Building Permit

The Bunkie kit contains 15 large pieces of structural plywood, which Bare tells us were designed using 3-D computer-aided design (CAD) modeling. This technology allowed him to develop “a structure that could be manufactured and assembled very much like a piece of modular furniture.” These prefabricated materials not only make […]

Zoning & Building Code Regulations

09/28 Fremantle, Australia’s “tiny house” planning amendment

Fremantle City (Western Australia) councillor has put forward an amendment to the Western Australian planning scheme that could see more “tiny houses” built in the city. Councillor Rachel Pemberton said the idea for the amendment came from the personal experience of herself and her peers – young professionals interested in […]


09/28 Worries from Furniture World magazine, You want a tiny… what?

Tiny homes make it impossible to collect a lot of personal stuff. They can accommodate a queen or king mattress, a few accessory items and perhaps some outdoor furniture. Everything else is multi-functional and built in. It’s enough to give furniture retailers nightmares! Read more


09/28 Tiny House Movement:Making Market Opportunities :(

While tiny houses so far involves a relatively small subculture, all indications point to the fact that the trend of building tiny homes is gaining momentum. Thus, the industries and individuals poised to profit should take note if the numbers of people ready to make the switch to a tiny […]


Massachusetts Towns that Allow ADUs

Here’s a list of towns in Massachusetts that allowed ADUs (accessory dwelling units) as of 2004: It’s likely that there are many more towns that allow them now.


Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Model Bylaws, Massachusetts

MODEL BYLAW FOR ACCESSORY DWELLING UNITS Introduction Accessory dwelling units (also known as ‘accessory apartments’, ‘guest apartments’, ‘in-law apartments’, ‘family apartments’ or ‘secondary units’) provide units that can be integrated into existing single family neighborhoods to provide low priced housing alternatives that have little or no negative impact on the […]