19th Century Tiny House with a Piano Bed and Hidden Amenities with Shorty Robbins

Shorty’s Tiny House Nawaka is full of surprises. It’s got a bed that folds up inside of an upright piano. It’s got a giant drop-leaf table that was cut in half and bolted to the wall. There’s a big copper sink with a faucet that *looks* like pump. Why? Because this tiny house is disguised to look like it’s from the 19th century.

Shorty built the house herself over 3 years of weekends and shares her advice on how she continued making progress her tiny house even when she didn’t know how.

Shorty is also a key player in the tiny house festival scene, working with John and Fin Kernohan to organize and run 11 tiny house festivals over the past 5 years.

Shorty’s house is full of creative ideas and things that Shorty had in her life that she didn’t want to give up, but knew they couldn’t fit in the tiny house in their original forms. Like her prized upright piano that she got at a yard sale, or her grandmother’s dresser. These items have been repurposed and incorporated into her home. Even her building itself has some unique antique pieces, such as the 1906 piece of heart pine that serves as her ridge beam.

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