12/29 Nine fabulous tiny homes, all built for under $20K

inside the bedroom of a tiny house
Off-grid tiny vacation home for $11,000 in Hawaii
During the last few years, tiny houses have been catching on in a big way: there are now television shows devoted to them, scads of blogs about them, and even efforts afoot to get them written into the international residential code. But all that attention has also translated into an uptick of high-end tiny homes with price tags to match — running contrary to the idea that tiny homes are supposed to be an antidote to unaffordable, monster-sized homes.

But tiny homes don’t need to be expensive, and building an affordable home doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing comfort, beauty and functionality either. Price is only a function of one’s level of creativity in finding recycled materials, and willingness to put in your own elbow grease (though the price of land upon which to park your home may be another obstacle to overcome). That said, here’s a roundup of some of our favourite tiny homes, all built for under twenty grand.

1. Woman builds Hawaii tiny off-grid vacation home for $11,000

Dressmaker Kristie Wolfe of Boise, Idaho, is one great example of how living tiny can save you money. Wolfe saved so much money from building and living in her first tiny home, that she parlayed those savings into building a second vacation home on a plot of land she purchased in Hawaii — which she now rents out for extra income via Airbnb.

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