03/23 Florida orders demolition of tiny homes for veterans

tiny home to be torn down, image courtesy of WPEC, Channel 12
tiny home to be torn down, image courtesy of WPEC, Channel 12
Supporters of the “tiny house” sustainability movement, facing the demolition of two miniature abodes in Lake Worth, remained upbeat on Wednesday and promised to recycle the remaining parts for use in a community garden…

Supporters hoped the houses could be used as transitional housing for veterans or former drug addicts and began trying to move them when they said Lake Worth city officials indicated the houses did not meet building codes.

A Lake Worth building official did not return a phone message.

But moving them also became a financial and logistical challenge, Horkavy said, especially as the city ordered demolition by March 26.

Read more – http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/palm-beach/fl-tiny-houses-demolished-20160323-story.html

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