02/24 This Luxury Home Builder is Now Creating Whimsical and Affordable Tiny Homes

Builder of McMansions, Rudy Riva, diversifies to whimiscal tiny homes
Builder of McMansions, Rudy Riva, diversifies to whimiscal tiny homes
The tiny house movement has taken Texas by storm, and these two builders are bringing their own unique style to every one they create.

Rudy Rivas has spent years building multi-million dollar mansions for residents across North Texas. Now, he’s jumping on the bandwagon and setting his sights on building customized small-scale homes for the masses.

He’s currently building his first tiny home just outside of Allen, which will only be about 180-square-feet in size.

“It’s going to have something of a whimsical design — sort of Harry Potter-looking,” Rivas told the Dallas News. “The kitchen will be fully functional with a stove and fridge.”

Each tiny house has different feature and design elements chosen by the future homeowner. The biggest selling point of these pint-sized abodes are their quirky and unique designs. “If I was just building a 12 by 20 storage shed, no one would care,” he said. “But these houses capture people’s imagination.”

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