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Welcome tiny house enthusiast! I'm Elaine Walker, a tiny house fan since 2008. Come explore the world of tiny by using the menus up top, under Create and Read & Discuss to find information on designing and building (or buying) a tiny house, places to live, FAQ, blogs and more. Choose a map or find an event in the Maps & Calendar dropdowns.

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My Own Tiny Home: tiny house classifieds

Tiny House Classifieds

  • Looking for a new or used tiny house?
  • Want to showcase your products or services?
  • Trying to raise money through Kickstarter or Indiegogo?
  • Go to the new tiny house classifieds site, My Own Tiny Home to browse or place an ad.
  • It's brand new and completely free!

Why do I love tiny homes?

A tiny house building company recently had a contest where the entrants were asked to answer a simple question, "Why do you love tiny homes?" Here's my answer:

  • I love tiny homes because they bring the opportunity for expression of residential creativity and individuality to folks who would otherwise have to settle for cookie cutter dwellings.
  • I love tiny homes because they bring back into the control of the individual, the provision of their own shelter, without having to be in debt to banks.
  • I love tiny homes because they can stay with us our whole lives - no need to keep selling and buying your home when you can move it with you.
  • I love tiny homes because they can be perfect for the homeless (with the right community support) as well as the wealthy (as vacation homes or rental houses).
  • I love tiny homes because at the same time they provide these opportunities for individual expression and control, they are in harmony with the greater good of reducing our consumption of fuel and material possessions.
  • I love tiny homes because they are provoking positive conversations with zoning boards and housing authorities, helping us to reexamine our neighborhood priorities.

I'm sure you have your own reasons, and as you explore this website, I hope you'll be able to discover even more things you love about tiny homes.

Video Tour of Tiny House

From Deek Diedricksen of Relaxshack's Tiny House Hub´╗┐,
a tour of my tiny house, given by my friend and tiny house resident,
Emily Lindahl of Florida Tiny House Enthusiasts.